US Airways Express (Mesa Airways) LAX-LAS

Recently I flew on US Airways Express, operated by Mesa Airways, from Los Angeles (LAX) Terminal 1 to Las Vegas (LAS), McCarren Airport.

View from seat 8A on US CRJ900 featuring US a320 and AF 777 at LAX

I flew on a CRJ900 operated by Mesa Air on behalf of US Airways Express. Seat 8A. Interestingly the cabins interior was that of America West Airlines. At the front of the cabin, the America West Logo was embroidered on the bulkhead, as was the logo on each headrest.

America West logo on bulkhead inside US Airways Express CRJ900

The two airlines merged in 2006 and all aircraft were painted in US Airways livery except some of the older aircraft retained their America West cabin interiors. I was on one such aircraft. Before take off the flight attendant did the usual announcement with a little humour. “Ladies and gentlemen, please note smoke detectors have been fitted in our spacious forward lounge” (meaning lavatory) and ” …for those who wish to smoke, please pop out on the wing where the feature film today will be Gone with the Wind“. The flight was short, 42 minutes flying time and we were offered complimentary water, soft drinks or juice and alcoholic beverages could be purchased for USD$7. 

Arrival in Las Vegas, parking beside another US Airways Express CRJ900

 Smooth landing in Las Vegas where the gambling started right in the airport. Yes, thats right, there were “Slots” at the airport gates lounges!

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