Trip Notes: Jetstar JQ605 Sydney to Melbourne Avalon

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Not so long ago I took a trip to sunny Melbourne flying Jetstar from Sydney to Avalon Airport located 55 kilometres south of the city.

I’ve reviewed Jetstar’s services before which you can read here so I won’t go into the flight experience except to say, on the uneventful 1hr 35min journey I had that dreaded middle seat. What made where I was sitting even more horrendous was the guy on the left nervously prayed from chocks off to chocks on, the guy on the right smelt like a smokey brewery and the person [or, insert naughty word here] behind me thought it hilarious to kick my seat the entire time. Service was the usual (as per the manual) politeness with brisk efficiency.

Avalon airport is located around 45 minutes from Melbourne’s CBD and the airport transfer service operates upon each flights arrival taking around 50 minutes. Transfers to Geelong, near where the airport is located, take around 25 minutes. The price of the transfer is only a couple of dollars more than a bus transfer from Melbourne’s main airport, Tullamarine so its a great option when travelling from Sydney, The Gold Coast or Hobart with Jetstar as the fares can be significantly lower.

FreakyFlier paid for his ticket independently.

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  1. Oh dear, your seat mates sound a bit trying! Was it a kid kicking you or an adult. An adult should really know better.

  2. It was an adult. I guess with no other entertainment the seat kicking was his fun!

  3. hyf one says:

    You did not mention that they have a games room with pinballs and arcades to keep kids (and big kids) entertained while waiting for their flight, during that hour from when the shutterbug drops you off and you board the flight. The is also a Cafe that sells overpriced food and a bar.Insert a photo of that stupid rocket ship and kid sculpture from out the front. hahahaha 

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