The Wineries of the Megalong Valley.

We decide head out for a day and what better place to go and relax than a winery? Megalong Valley, located on the western side of the Blue Mountains, have two wineries located a short drive from each other – Megalong Creek Estate and Dryridge Estate. The wine is beautiful, the service warm and friendly and views from both are spectacular!

The Megalong Valley is about a 40 minute drive from Katoomba. The winding road is narrow as you head down into the valley but it is picturesque. When it comes to the turn off to the wineries, it’s a gravel road which adds a sense of being right out in the country.

Our first stop is Megalong Creek Estate. This is a family run business where single vineyard wines (grapes grown onsite) and produced by Jacob Stein of Robert Stein Wines in Mudgee.

Booking in advance is preferred and we book for a 1pm tasting. First on the list is a Prozzante (AU$35). Our host explains this is a Prosecco style sparkling wine with Viognier flavours. The carbonation is light and makes it easily drinkable. A Pinto Grigio (AU$24) is next which is again light. Next up is a Viognier (AU$22) which is more to my taste preference being a little dryer and, as their brochure suggests, it is often referred to as the ‘Garden Party Wine’, fabulous!

The owners are wonderfully friendly and quite knowledgable about wine. We come away from this superb little family run winery with a bottle Prozzante and some Viognier. (The plan is to open them on my birthday 🙂 ).

Megalong Creek Estate also does lunch charcuterie and cheese boxes, which I had read about, and spy at my table neighbour and decide, after the stunning view, wines, and look of the food, I’ll be back.

A mere 2 minute drive away is Dryridge Estate. We have a reservation at 2pm for wine tasting and lunch. The views are again spectacular, looking east to the Blue Mountains.

We are warmly greeted and shown to what is referred to as ‘the front row’ and what a front row it is! The view is again stunning. What a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon then tasting wine and looking out over this vista!

Also are on site are the resident doggies Angus and George. They’re super friendly but more interested in playing with a kid and a frisbee than stopping to spend too much time listening to me having a chat and pat.

We sit for the tasting and order lunch, the Cheese & Charcuterie Board (AU$40). Since I am not much of a red drinker, the lovely waitress lets me know I can try just the whites which she will give me a little bit more of. One thing I really like is that she advises the wine tasting is approximately 1.5 standard drinks – this is really important for those driving a car (comes in even more handy after visiting two wineries!).

What is really cute here is the wines are named after the grandchildren of the owners. First off is the 2021 Isabelle Riesling (AU$28 p/b). It’s light but crisp and dry turns out to be my favourite. Next up is the 2019 Mila Vermentino (AU$25 p/b). The Mila is a little sweeter and a bit citrusy. The 2018 Sofia Pinot Grigio (AU$26) is another great drop but again as mentioned, I really a fan of the Riesling. We next head onto a Rosé. The 2020 Francoise Rosé ($28) is again a beautiful wine, dryish and savory-ish and as the tasting notes explain ‘…the perfect companion to a long summers lunch’.

My friend does the red tasting. The series of reds include a Jack Shiraz (AU$35), and Alexander Pinot Noir (AU$35) and the Florence Merlot Cabernet (AU$35). My friend tell me he likes each drop, so if you are a red drinker, come and try these beauties out.

Lunch is a little delayed due to an ordering error but when it arrives it is pretty magnificent. Each item is delicious. The Cheese and Charcuterie Board (AU$40) is served with an aged, blue and a Brie cheese (while they look small it is the angle of the picture), proscciuto, salami and sopressa, quince paste, olives, grapes and locally made Turkish bread, flat bread and grissini. Yum, yum, yum.

It was such a surprise to be so close to such wonderful views and wineries. They both get a clear 10/10 each. Take a trip to the Blue Mountains and visit the wineries!

All wines and food were paid for independently.

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  1. I love these wineries and I’m very glad to know that George is still at Dryridge! I’ve never seen a dog that loved to play fetch with a ball as much as George did. I guess he’s now onto frisbees sweet boy!

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