Lounge Review: The Qantas Club – Gold Coast

Lounge Review: QantasClub, Gold Coast
Lounge Review: Qantas Club, Gold Coast

The other day a work colleague said to me “I love following your trips on Facebook and seeing what airport lounge you are in each day”

Yes O.K, I love airport lounges.

They’re a place to sit and relax with some food and a drink and wi-fi, not paying extortionate airport prices for the privilage of eating, away from hordes of people lining up for a drink, lining up for food, standing in line waiting to board, lining up to line up! Unfortunately, lounge access in Australia is reserved for members who pay a yearly membership fee (currently AUD485 + AUD370 joining fee for The Qantas Club) or for those who have reached an elite frequent flyer status or those flying Buisiness Class. I recently visited The Qantas Club on the Gold Coast prior to a flight back to Sydney, and as I was flying Business Class, I was granted access.

Seating area near the buffet at the QantasClub Gold Coast
Seating area near the buffet at the Qantas Club Gold Coast

Opening in December 2012, after Qantas flights returned to the Gold Coast in October of that year, the lounge is quite a bit smaller than other Qantas Clubs but that’s understandable with only three Qantas flights operating daily into this mainly leisure destination.

Work Area at The QantasClub Gold Coast
Work Area at The Qantas Club Gold Coast

Situated just past security, the windowless L shaped lounge has comfortable working, dining and lounging areas for up to 125 people. Business facilities such as Apple iMacs, wi-fi, printers and a meeting room are available as well as a shower area.

Family Zone at The Qantas Club Gold Coast
Family Zone at The Qantas Club Gold Coast

Located near the rear of the lounge, the alcohol free Family Zone has a big screen T.V, Apple iMac’s, a playstation and lots things to keep the littlies entertained. Being a leisure destination, I could imagine this place could fill quickly with families departing after their holiday however it was quiet at the time of my visit.

Buffet at The Qantas Club Gold Coast
Buffet at The Qantas Club Gold Coast

Now my favourite part of any lounge – the buffet – was unfortunately slightly lacking  in volume and variety and it looked like some things were missing. There was really only one hot dish, a creamy pasta, plus a few salad items and cold meats, pre-sliced cheese and bread to make a sandwich. There was a variety of beers, both imported and domestic and a choice of red or white wines and an Australian sparkling wine. Water, juices and soft drink were also available as were tea and coffee which could be ordered from the barista.

Food and drink at The Qantas Club Gold Coast
Food and drink at The Qantas Club Gold Coast

I ended up with bit of everything from the buffet. Pasta, potato salad and a rare roast beef, cheese and lettuce sandwich with a glass of white wine which sustained me, in a healthier way something from a fast food joint, until I boarded my flight for Sydney.

The lounge in the Gold Coast has no special viewing area like Melbourne or Sydney and is a little on the intimate side, but it is stylish, neat, tidy and modern and albeit not a large volume or variety of items on offer from the buffet, what was there was fresh and tasty.

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  1. Eek! I didn’t realise that it was that much to join Qantas Club. I thought that it was half that. Do you think that it is worth it?

    1. With the Joining fee aside, the annual fee is about the cost of visiting a lounge in other parts of the world 10 times, so if you flew a return trip at least once a month over a year then yes it is value, anything less, then probably not.

  2. George Steenkamp says:

    Will not fly out of the Gold Coast again. Got to the club and was informed rudely that they have a sign stating their opening hours, which was well after my boarding time. Pay a fair amount of money and would expect to be able to go in before I fly. Other Qantas clubs use security codes to enter if it is a small club, but with the amount of people queening in front of the closed club it seemed odd that they can’t supply the service their members pay for

  3. Jeni says:

    Arrived before my flight well within stipulated opening hours…. guess what? CLOSED

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