T’s & C’s

MattySomewhere.com was previously known as FreakyFlier.com.


Where a post may be positively or negatively affected by an emotional or financial connection, this should be disclosed.

Sponsored posts should be declared, in these cases the post was written because of a financial incentive.

Where a post contains products or services, travel or familiarisations which have been provided free or for a discount, this should be disclosed.

Blog content is totally at the discretion of myself. A commercial, advertising or travel arrangement, does not guarantee a positive or negative editorial.

Some links to advertisers may be paid for by the advertiser or may earn FreakyFlier affiliate commission.


To leave a comment you must leave a valid email address (which will not be published).

We will reject comments that contain personal attacks, expletives and any other offensive content.

We will not publish advertising or advertising links when written as a comment.

We will not publish advertising or offers of SEO, website optimisation or website companies. All offers sent as a comment are treated as spam and forwarded to the relevant authorities under the Spam Act 2003 and the senders details blacklisted from ever taking up such an offer.

We will approve negative and positive comments that are made using respectful and courteous tone and vocabulary.

We do not act as a go between if you have a grievance with a particular party, please take it up with the relevant party or on their website/blog.


We will only use personal information for the purpose it was collected. For example, names and email addresses of subscribers to the MattySomewhere.com updates by email will only be used for the purpose of the updates and not for any other purposes and will not be passed on to any other third parties.

Email addresses of visitors who comment on  posts will not be used by us or passed on to any other third parties, unless prior permission has been expressly given.

Names and email addresses of entrants in competitions will only be used for the purpose of the competition and not for any other purposes and will not be passed on to any other third parties unless part of the competition terms and conditions and prior permission has been expressly given by the entrant


We will not plagiarise. Content sourced from third parties and others blogs should be acknowledged.

We prefer to use our own photography and video. Before using photographs and videos sourced from third parties and other blogs, we will seek permission from the rights owner and FreakyFlier.com will acknowledge the rights owner. The exception includes content on YouTube and other public sharing photo and video services, in this instance, FreakyFlier.com will not seek permission but will acknowledge the rights owner.


The content in this blog is for information purposes only and we will not be held liable for the complete accuracy of information.

We are not liable for any loss or damages through purchasing any product or service reviewed or posted about or clicked through to via a link of this site.

SEO Offers

Please DO NOT contact me for offers of SEO, web page optimisation or how to build a better website. If, and when, I am ready to look further into these products I shall seek that help. All unsolicited offers shall not only be treated as spam and reported to the relevant authorities as per the Spam Act 2003, but you will also be blacklisted from me ever taking up any such offer from you or your company. Please note this also applies to comments left at the end of a post.

Updated: 16 JUN 21

Adapted from noodlies.com with thanks

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