Jetstar, Phuket to Sydney Economy Class on the 787-8 Dreamliner.

It’s time to head home to Sydney after my short trip to Phuket, Thailand. Although my flight to the island on Air Asia X via Kuala Lumper was fine, also very cheap, I’m happy to be flying direct as it’s given me a few more hours of fun in the sun doing absolutely nothing 🙂

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With the Phuket traffic being notoriously heavy at peak time, I’ve left my hotel near Patong Beach early yet its still taken me around an hour and a quarter to reach the airport in the northern part of the Island. I’m hungry so after checking in and before clearing immigration and customs, I head to the small food court-esque dining area and order a mixed plate.

Mixed plate at Phuket International Airport

It’s an odd combination of nachos with a side of salsa, chicken wings and calamari with tartar sauce. Still, it hits the spot and goes down well with a Singha beer.

Jetstar Boeing 787-8, windowless row 13.

I’m seated in the forward economy cabin in row 13, the seventh row from the front. Jetstar’s 787 Dreamliners have 3 rows of Business class before Economy Class which starts at row 10. I have seat C, my desired aisle seat and there is a young lass seated at A the window seat, well normally it’s a window seat but in this particular row there is no window.

The forward Economy cabin right behind the small Business Class cabin

Originally there is a fellow seated between us but once the doors were closed he moves to the row ahead of us to be seated with his partner who had the row to herself. It was a weird way they’d seated us. After take off he stretches out while she nestles her head on his lap and pulls a jacket over her head and… ahem… One of the flight attendants interrupts them and remind them about appropriate behaviour… I mean we were not yet a mile high they were not joining any club tonight.

Pay per view entertainment.

I swipe my credit card and purchase the inflight entertainment which is a steal at $10. There are around 40 films, a mix of new, old, foreign and family. I flick for awhile, but cant settle on anything.


The crew come around with a drinks service. The wine, at $9 for 187mls isn’t exactly low cost but it’s an ok drop.


For a snack, I order the good ol’ Aussie meat pie and sausage roll from the menu, interestingly made by our Kiwi cousins across the ditch in New Zealand. At $9 it’s again no way cheap and not even near the value of say Air Asia but they are tasty nonetheless.


For breakfast its a banana bread muffin and a juice. It’s ok and fills the void in my stomach but I am ready for home and thankfully we land on time back in Sydney.

Overall it was a decent flight. It got me from A to B with minimum fuss. While the cost of on board purchases are higher than other low cost carriers flying routes between Australia and South East Asia, the fares are great when bought on sale….which is why I’m going to try them again, this time from Sydney to Honolulu.

FreakyFlier paid for his flight independently.

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  1. OMG I can’t believe what they got up to or tried to get up to! I’ve never seen it on a plane before 😮

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