LATAM (LAN) Buenos Aires to Santiago – Economy Class – Boeing 767-300

LAN Airlines (LATAM) Boeing 767-300 ready for departure from Buenos Aires

After a fantastic two weeks in Buenos Aires and Montevideo it was time to start the trek home to Sydney.

LATAM security information card

The first sector was between Buenos Aires and Santiago was operated by a Boeing 767-300 and I thought this aircraft was going to have a bit of a retro feel about it but I was wrong.

On board LAN Boeing 767-300

I was surprised as how clean and modern the aircraft was, my last flight on a Boeing 767-300 was one operated by Qantas and it would have been near 20 years old at the time. This LATAM Boeing 767 was delivered to the airline in 2011 (and I was surprised the learn the 767 is still in production today!)

Economy seating on board LAN Airlines Boeing 767-300

The seats were just as comfortable as the Boeing 787’s I had travelled on with this airline. In a 2-3-2 configuration, the 189 Economy Class seats have a 32″ pitch and 18″ width which versus the 787’s 17.3″ width made the seat feel quite spacious for this short economy sector.

Seat back entertainment on board the Boeing 767-300

…And the entertainment system offered just as many options on a one of the Boeing 787 or 777’s which is a better aircraft to fly over the airlines A319, A320 or A321’s which don’t offer individual screens.

Snack on board the flight from Buenos Aires to Santiago

Service was polite and the crew addressed me in English even though I was seated around mostly Spanish speaking passengers. The snack was reminiscent of the offering on board the flight between Santiago and Buenos Aires 2 weeks earlier, in fact absolutely identical down the the chocolate.

Ham and cheese roll on board LATAM

The heavy croissant like roll with ham and cheese was filling and just enough to tide over the appetite until arrival in Santiago.

Arrival in Santiago

Arrival in Santiago was on time and I had a brief layover before the next sector. Another pleasant flight on board LATAM on an aircraft I thought was long gone and I was surprised to learn the 767 still has a lot of life left in her, I guess my assumption it would be an older bird was very wrong.

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  1. Looks like a decent snack for a short flight! More than what you might get in other countries too 🙂

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