Lunch at The Meridian Hotel, Hurstville, Sydney.


Its certainly no ‘Le Meridien’ , but the hotels restaurant is an affordable venue for lunch in the southern suburbs of Sydney. I met my Mum and brother Azza here recently for lunch and catchup before I head off on my next adventure.

Happy New Year 2017 – Where are you travelling to?


Chinese grocer in Hurstville, Sydney

Located in the dinki di Aussie suburb of Hurstville, around 20 minutes by train from central Sydney, the locality has a large Asian community, awash with Chinese restaurants, Chinese Take aways and Chinese grocers, in fact its quite a Chinese suburb of Sydney.

Combination Omelette $10.50

Mum had the Combination Omelette. It was filled with mushrooms, slices of beef and chicken and was a filling dish for the price.

Beef with Noodles.

My brother Azza had the beef with noodles, he was a bit hesitant with what was going to be served. What was served was not was expected and while the noodles were hard to find, I think he enjoyed the dish.

Pork Rid (sic) in Salt and Pepper.

I went for the Pork ‘Rid’ (sic) in Salt and Pepper. The pork ribs, bone in, atop coral lettuce was sprinkled with fried eschellots, mushrooms and chilli and came with steamed rice and it really packed a punch.

The Meridian Hotel, Hurstville, Sydney.

A few games of Keno were played by us and for those wanting to have a bet on the horses or feed the poker machines, its all here at the Meridian.

FreakyFlier, his mum and brother paid for their lunches independently. 

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  1. Hyfenator says:

    I have had the combination omelette there before! It is quite good with a tasty sauce.

  2. My parents, in particular my father is obsessed with Hurstville! He loves the Chinese restaurants and shops there. 😛

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