FreakyFlier Travel Hacks – That Spare Change When Leaving a Country.

Each week I’d like to bring you a handy travel tip, Some you may have heard before, some may be old hat and some you may never of thought of. Some of these things I’ve read, some just came to mind, some are from you, my readers.

Its happened to me a few times now on this world trip. I am leaving a destination with a few Dollars, Baht or Euro in my pocket but not enough to buy something from the airport with their usual inflated prices. Of course changing over what I have left into the currency of the next country will yield me next to nothing, so what I have been doing is – and yes its quite embarrassing, and yes feel free to call me a tight ar$e – but I count out what I have left in the currency and pay the difference on my card.

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A piccolo of white wine at Helsinki Airport was EUR9.90. I had about EUR7.85 left in notes and coins, should I just carry that EUR7.85 around have have just used my card for a drink? I could have donated that to one of the local charity bins located around the airport, which if I didn’t feel the need for a drink, I would most likely have done. Anyway, I paid the EUR2.05 extra by card. Whats that old saying? Look after the pennies and the dollars will look after themselves?

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Oh I didn’t even think to do that! Great idea 😀

  2. Edwina Bakinbol says:

    Good Idea, I usually come home with all this useless coins that I can only dream that I will get to use again when I return next holiday.

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