Jetstar Asia. Bangkok to Singapore With a Meal.

“The choices today are Black Pepper and Chicken Rice?”

“Yes please”

“Which would you like?”

“Oh sorry, I thought it was the same thing, I’ll have the Chicken Rice”

I misunderstood and thought it was one dish but the hot meal choices today were Black Pepper Chicken or Chicken Rice.

I’ve reviewed Jetstar and Jetstar Asia numerous times, so after a quick round up of the same same, lets explore their on board menu on my flight between Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) and Singapore.

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Jetstar Asia, an airline of the QANTAS Group, operate 18 Airbus a320’s from its base in Singapore. The aircraft are clean, neat and tidy and while I find them a little on the sterile side, they are reliable, well at least from what I have experienced.


When I fly Jetstar, I always add on the Plus Bundle. Generally for the baggage and QANTAS Frequent Flyer points and status credits but it also includes standard seat selection and a light meal or refreshment. The included meal on this particular sector was a water and muffin – just like my snack on the Singapore to Penang sector I had done a few weeks earlier – and so while I was feeling a wee bit hungry, I decide to order something from the main menu when the trolly service begins.


The menu is extensive enough for an intra-Asia flight. There are 4 hot meals listed, Sweet and Sour Fish, Black Pepper Chicken, Pasta Rigatoni and Singapore Chicken Rice. Besides the hot selection, there are sandwiches, pot noodles, beer, wine, spirits plus tea and coffee. There are only 2 selections from the hot food menu on this flight, Black Pepper Chicken or Chicken Rice.


I go for the Chicken Rice and order a piccolo of wine, Labor of Love which is a Sauvignon Blanc. Unfortunately it’s not a combo with wine, so I pay for the meal and drink separately. The meal is SGD$12 and the wine SGD$8.


It’s not the prettiest inflight meal I’ve been presented with, but at this stage I’m hoping that it’s tasty. The packet of chilli sauce might come in handy.


While it looks nothing like the picture on the menu, it has all the ingredients as described and it’s a tasty and filling meal.


The chicken was moist, the rice fluffy and with only the slightest hint of heat, I add a little of the chilli sauce, just enough for my western palate. I leave the crinkle-cut carrot and baby corn, not because its undercooked but because I simply don’t like either of them. Oh and I didn’t use the chilli sauce.

Overall it was another comfortable flight, made even more so by my inflight meal.

What would you have ordered from the menu?

FreakyFlier paid for the flight independently.


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  1. Hyf says:

    I probably would have ordered the same, since the rigatoni was not available.

  2. I would have ordered that too. I sometimes go on whatever smells good too hehe. And I don’t blame you for thinking that was the same dish, what kind of sentence is that? LOL.

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