Review: US Airways Club Lounge LAX

Arriving at Los Angeles airport 3 hours before my flight to Las Vegas, I decided to seek out US Airways Club Lounge at terminal 1.

Los Angeles Airport – LAX

US Airways have a day pass which can be purchased online when you book your ticket (if you are booking online) for USD40 or your can purchase it on the day for USD50.  I asked the uber polite lady at reception what were the benefits of entering the Club Lounge…. “Oh its just a nice quiet place to wait for your flight“. I enquired about refreshments and food and she advised that soft drinks, juice, beer and wine were complimentary as were some snacks. I also asked about internet access and she advised that the club is wifi enabled, however you must have your own pc.

US Airways Club WIFI pass

The club was very quiet and a nice respite from the hussle and bussle of the airport terminal. I also used my laptop to catch up on emails and enjoyed a few glasses of Californian wine. Budweiser and soft drinks were also complimentary. Spirits and premium beers could also be purchased.  The snacks were minimal. Danish pastries and croissants with condiments, muesli, crisps and pretzels were on offer. To be honest, not a huge selection, but the 3 hours went quick and I was comfortable, relaxed and ready to fly to Las Vegas. What are your experiences of club lounges?

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