Baggage Fees

I travelled in the US recently and travelled with US Airways and Continental Airlines for my internal domestic flights. Both are full service airlines and I enjoyed flying with them, they were great. These days, most of the domestic ‘full service’ airlines charge for checked baggage. They charge US$20-25 for the first bag and up from there. As I wasnt travelling light, so therefore, I paid the fee for each trip. I noticed that most passengers would bring carry on baggage and stuff it into the overhead lockers and those last to board the aircraft usually had to find somewhere far from their seat to put it. With most of the passengers bringing their baggage onboard it took forever to board and disembark the aircraft! One flight actually took up to 30 minutes! (this was a 737-700 seating only 134 passengers) Now, I understand that the airlines are making money through ancillary charges such as baggage fees but wouldnt it make more sense to have a quicker turnaround time for the aircraft? Not to mention the danger in heavy overstuffed overheard lockers where in a moment of turbulence, they could become loose aand become a danger to passengers or crew. Southwest Airlines, the budget carrier does not charge baggage fees at all, I think next time (to save time and money) I might fly them.

Southwest Airlines in the USA do not charge baggage fees

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