UPDATE: Air Asia’s Taylor Swift Aircraft Livery + Get your Own Model Aircraft!


Air Asia a320 and Taylor Swift
Air Asia a320 and Taylor Swift (photo courtesy Air Asia)

Finally a picture of the actual aircraft with Taylor Swift herself! And if you cant get to see the actual aircraft own a model of it yourself!

Air Asia is offering die-hard Taylor Swift fans the exclusive opportunity to own the Air Asia
Taylor Swift aircraft model. The exclusive aircraft models come in two sizes: 1:100 at RM130
per unit, and 1:400 at RM107 per unit (not inclusive of delivery charges). Fans as well as
avid aircraft model collectors can pre-order these exclusive aircraft models by emailing Air Asia their
details (Name, Contact Number, Email, Mailing Address & Preferred Aircraft Model) at

Taylor Swift and Crew (photo courtesy Air Asia)
Taylor Swift and Crew (photo courtesy Air Asia)

There is also a chance to win exclusive Taylor Swift & AirAsia merchandise, just by spotting
the Taylor Swift plane and hashtag #redhotairasia on Twitter or Instagram from now until
22nd June 2014.

Air Asia and Air Asia X serves 88 destinations on 22 countries including six Australian cities, Adelaide, Darwin, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

To check out their low fares and book visit www.airasia.com 

FreakyFlier flew to Kuala Lumpur and attended the party as a guest of Air Asia X


3 Comments Add yours

  1. If I were to give this to anyone, it would be you! I bet you have the biggest collection of model airplanes of anyone that I know!

  2. Kerrie McCallister says:

    Would love to purchase one for my daughter, please send me the info.
    Thank you.

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