Yeppoon & The Capricorn Coast, Queensland.

Welcome to Yeppoon! Home to the Darumbal indigenous people, the traditional custodians of the area, Yeppoon was settled by Europeans in 1865. It’s a gorgeous seaside village on the Capricorn Coast of Central Queensland.

Like the tentacles of a squid, or a Kraken, I’m spending this time of no international travel visiting friends and places in Australia. And while visiting a good mate in Rockhampton, we head off to Yeppoon for the day. It’s a sleepy yet funky seaside village with a relaxed vibe, just like my good mate.

Built in 2008, the Yeppoon Lagoon is located on the foreshore of Yeppoon Main Beach.

Our first stop is the Yeppoon Lagoon with it’s gorgeous infinity pool.

Open year round, it has spectacular views out to the Keppel Islands and hosts an on duty life guard.

The life guards would be great if you had little ones or it was a busy day but today is reaching a top temperature of 19c so there is no one in the water…yet.

The Kraken is an old Norwegian story of giant squids that terrorised sailors and fishermen.

Located along the foreshore is the Keppel Kraken. The life sized art installation and zero-depth water play area is an interesting bit of fun for all ages. Here in Yeppoon, the installation is tiled with an indigenous style of artwork. I feel a bit like a Kraken, terrorising my mate to go to the pub for an early lunch!

The Flat Back Sea Turtle lay their eggs on the nearby Keppel Islands, the hatchlings make their way to the ocean between December and March. Male and females mate at sea and the female will return to the same exact beach to lay her eggs, while a male will never leave the ocean.

On the beach there are some other gorgeous art pieces such as this Flat Back Sea Turtle. While I do love to travel A LOT, I do like to go to home as well, unlike the male Flat Back Sea Turtle. Opposite the beach is a pub, the Strand Hotel and we head in for an early lunch. You can read about that HERE.

The Keppel Islands are located at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef, 15 kilometre off the coast from Yeppoon.

Where’s Yeppoon you say? Between your knife and your fork! It’s also the on and off point for the Keppel Islands.

At Ross Creek, the vessels only head out when it’s high tide. The muddy sandbanks are also quite popular for Yabby pumping. For my international friends, the Yabby is an Australian small Lobster like fresh water crustacean.

We head off from Yeppoon over to Ross Creek. It’s low tide so there’ll be no fishing today! Although there are a few people out with their fishing rods. We visit the Capricorn Coast Information Centre where the staff are uber friendly! I pick up some brochures and a Yeppoon fridge magnet!

Double Head is located in the suburb of Rosslyn and has two walking tracks.

We head up to Double Head in the suburb of Rosslyn for wonderful views back over Keppel Bay to the islands. Depending on your level of fitness, it can be an easy walk. Once you get to the top the views are magnificent.

The plants in the foreground are Xanthorrhoea Australis, also known as the Grass Tree (and the rather politically incorrect, Black Boy). These plants grown very slowly but can live for up to 450 years!

The picture doesn’t give the Grass Tree stalks justice, they were around 7 foot tall and I looked short amongst them.

The stalk like structure that grown from the top helps the plant to germinate after a bushfire. When they flower, the Indigenous peoples would use the flowering part with water to make a sweet drink.

The views from here are also sweet!

The Singing Ship was built in 1970 as a monument to James Cook who was the first European to map the area and named the Keppel Islands and Keppel Bay in 1770.

Next stop is Emu Park and the Singing Ship. Representing a sail of the sailing ship Cook explored on, it has pipe organs that use the winds to make sounds. Its quite a popular attraction here.

Avocado are grown locally in this region as are other stone fruits.

Yes! An Avocado is a fruit (often misjudged, like a tomato…). We stop off for some fruit and veg on our way home and while I am stunned at the price of a 1KG BAG of avocados. We just grab a couple and a huge pineapple, also grown in the region.

It’s been a great day exploring Yeppoon and the Capricorn Coast. It doesn’t have the pretentiousness of say Byron Bay or the busyness of the grandiose Gold Coast, It’s a relaxing place with some wonderful views and interesting sites that can be enjoyed by all. If you’re not under lockdown, go travelling in Australia and say hi to a good mate.

MattySomewhere paid for the trip independently.

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  1. Thank you for taking us with you!! I’d love to be there right now especially in this cold weather! I haven’t spent enough time on the Capricorn Coast.

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