Happy New Year 2017 – Where are you travelling to?

Time to reboard LATAM flight LA800 from Auckland to Santiago
Happy New Year 2017

2016 was a good year but I didn’t get to travel as much as I would have liked. Buenos Aires and Montevideo were great, as was a brief trip to Melbourne.

Jetstar at Avalon Airport

I have, however already booked my big trip for 2017. One way ticket around the world!

Round the world 2017

First stop, Singapore, then Penang, Phuket, Chiang Mai and Bangkok round off my Asian stops. In Europe, Helsinki, Copenhagen and Munich are confirmed while other parts of Germany, and Eastern Europe I am still working on. In North America, New York, Vancouver and Calgary are on the list while other parts of Canada are also planned.

Qantas Boeing 737-800 ready for departure from Brisbane
Qantas Boeing 737-800 ready for departure from Brisbane

I’ll be flying Qantas, Jetstar Asia, Finnair and Cathay Pacific with a few coach and train trips penciled in.

freakyflier participating in the locals leisure
Participating with the locals.

It’s going to be an exciting year and I hope you’ll join me for the adventures!

What travel plans have you made for 2017?

Happy New Year! 


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  1. How exciting!! What a trip that will be! How long will you be gone for?

  2. FreakyFlier says:

    Three months! Can’t wait!

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