Would You Jump From A Plane?

A glass of wine, some food and a good movie is for me, what I like to do when on a plane. For others it might be different. My Friends Jessie and Manita recently went skydiving and here is what Jessie had to say:

A couple of days ago, I conquered one of my biggest fears and went skydiving in Wollongong with a friend from work, Manita. We had been talking about it for ages and I have been thinking about for years, I just never thought I could do it. I’m the type of the person who was scared to go on Easter show rides! I would line up and then say “nah I can’t do this….”

We booked it the day before while on the trainride to work, I guess we did this so we didn’t haven’t to think too much about it.  When we paid for it, my heart was pounding.  We told our colleagues at work we were doing it – in case we weren’t there on Monday – but mostly we wanted to share our semi-excitement that we actually doing it!

Jessie, getting ready to jump
Jessie, getting ready to jump

I didn’t tell my family except for my brother Luke, I knew he would give me positive vibes as he had also skydived before. He was so excited for me, he had inspired me and now I  was inspiring him to walk the Great Wall of China which he is now planning to book.

The morning came and I vomited. Before I left, my mum asked where I was going. I said  I’m going Wollongong to which she replied, okay don’t jump off anything….

Jessie, leaving the safety of the aircraft behind
Jessie, leaving the safety of the aircraft behind

At around 9:30 we went to check and they said 11am is when they were picking up the people who had a transfer from Sydney and to come back around 12:30. We wanted to get it over but I guess there was nothing we could do we went to beach just hung out there for ages we finally went back finally got buckled up and went . I had a lady called Vickie
We had to drive in shuttle bus which seemed ages away overall I let my nervous go and just became over exited.

The best thing I did was joke around with them, it helps. They said we have been drinking vodka and we but we didn’t you share sharing is caring , 😂 and I asked while I on the plane you got the parachute right ?

Jumping over Wollongong
Jumping over Wollongong

It was nothing like I expected I thought your heart would drop once you out and I would have a heart attack in the air but I didn’t. It’s something I can’t explain but the adrenaline rushes through the body and you don’t even realise you have just jumped.

My brother Luke came down to watch and after it was done I called my mum to tell her what I just did it and course she didn’t believe me until she saw the video! (She said what if something happened to you I said well you were getting the call, you were my emergency contact!
Jumping over Wollongong
Jumping over Wollongong
I knew a guy from school who’d had two heart surgeries and then he went skydiving. I realised if he can do it I can!
It was the best feeling in world and highly recommend it. I feel like I can now conquer anything and will never underestimate myself again! Go do it!
Jessie and Manita after the jump.

FreakyFlier – well it looks and sounds like they had an amazing experience and I was really excited to hear all about it on the day they jumped but for me at this time, I think I’ll stick to sipping wine and that movie on board a plane!

So, would you jump?

Jessie and Manita paid for their jumps independently


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  1. Wow you did it!! I’m way too scared of heights to do it but I admire those that do! Well done FF! 😀

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