Review: Ambassador Airport Lounge, Terminal 2, Singapore Changi Airport.

After a long hot day exploring Singapore, what better way to relax away from the hordes in an Airport Lounge – you know I love them 😉

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Sure there are heaps of things to do at Changi airport, which has free wifi, theres the butterfly farm, the free movie theatre or you can wander through a cactus farm, but I needed a shower and I was hungry, it was time for dinner and a few drinks in a quiet environment where I could relax.

Ambassador Lounge, Terminal2, Singapore Changi Airport.

The Ambassador lounge is open of all for a fee. The cost for entry was SG$40 for 3 hours for the basic package or SG$58.95 for the 5 hour full package with unlimited drinks. Even though the latter sounds a lot, the difference between prices is really only the cost of 2-3 alcoholic drinks if you were to just hang out in the airport. The lounge was small but neat, tidy and clean.

Shower, massage and nap room.

The first stop for me was the showers, Im not going to show you what they look like, we’ve all seen one (I hope!) There was an attendant on site to help with towels and watch over my luggage. Obviously as this is airside, after you’ve checked in and passed security, you might want to bring a change of clothes which I had done.

Business corner in the Ambassador Lounge

There is a small business area to catch up on work should you not have your own devices with you.

Food stations in the Ambassador Lounge.

There is both hot and cold food stations. From the hot selection there was Singapore noodles, fried rice, steamed vegetables and lemon chicken. From the cold, an array of salad items to construct your own which included the basics, lettuce, cucumber, baby tomatoes pineapple and olives. Tea, coffee, soft drinks and juices were also available.

Bar in the Ambassador Lounge.

There was a bar where stronger drinks could be ordered and a chef was on hand to whip up some yummy chicken noodle soup. Not the packet kind, but a freshly made to order bowl with hokkien noodles, large slices of chicken and steaming broth.

Noodles and lemon chicken for dinner.

For my dinner I had about 3 servings of the crispy skinned lemon chicken. It was delicious. I also braved a salad, thinking it be safe in this international environment as in most parts of Asia I would avoid things that may have been washed under local water.

Drink vouchers at the Ambassador Lounge.

Upon entry the desk clerk handed me a few drinks cards, Im gathering this is because not everyone had bought the full package. If I required more I could head back to the front desk, which I did, an it was no problem. I enjoyed a couple of French white wines to wash my dinner down.

Dinner, drink and catching up with home.

I enjoyed the few hours I had in the lounge, the time flew. I was clean, relaxed, had dinner and drinks and caught up with the news from home. For me, airport lounges really are the best way to pass the time waiting for a flight – other than planespotting of course!

FreakyFlier paid for the lounge entry independently.



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  1. I love airline lounges especially ones with great showers. If you have the chance try the biggest Cathay pacific lounge in Hong Kong (there are 4 as you probably know). The showers are amazing!

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