My days of dorm sharing with gap year partying backpackers are long behind me, but I wanted to save on accommodation and was willing to try something different while in Singapore recently. Singapore hotels are notoriously expensive, I gather from the lack of space. The country is only 277 square kilometres, with a population of 5.4 and some 16.6 millions visitors last year, you can see why accommodation comes at a premium price. So I am guessing thats why some hotels/hostels have taken a leaf out of the Japanese way of doing things and there are now a few Pod hostels throughout the city.

The Pod @ Beach Road

Located around the corner from famous Arab Street and Haji Lane, the hostel is walking distance to the Raffles hotel and Singapore Flyer. Across the road is the Parkroyal hotel which is convenient for day tour pick ups. The reception is located on level 3 of the building and room on levels 3 and 4.

Lockers on level 4.

When you first head to your room there are lockers for your shoes and at the end of the hall the bathroom.

Bathrooms at The Pod @ Beach Road.

There are bathrooms on each floor and they are large, clean and each private shower and toilet stalls come with a hand sink.

Front entry and side entry pods.

There are front entry and side entry pods available and it was around $2 more for the side entry.

My side entry pod.

My pod, on level 4 was a side entry pod – I didn’t fancy crawling into a front entry pod – I also requested a lower pod so not to have to climb the ladder – I was sure to be making this experience as comfortable as possible! The hostel also has double bed pods should you be sharing with a partner.

Lower side entry pod.

Inside each pod is a small fold down table for your laptop, a universal power socket and a light. It also has a pull down privacy screen, although with the light on people could see in.

storage under the pod.

Underneath the pod was storage space, lockable with your room key, that was large enough to fit my suitcase and my backpack and close enough to get anything I needed.

inside your enclosed pod.

They are deceptively larger than what they seem. There is enough room to spread your things out, watch a movie or do some work on your laptop and wifi included. You receive a bottle of water each day which you can take to the pod, but food and drinks are not allowed so there is no wining and dining yourself to sleep.



Breakfast, vegetable abalone (stewed tofu) and sausage in pastry.

Breakfast is included at The Pod @ Beach Road and is available from 7:30-9:30 each morning. While not the international buffet you might expect from an 4-5 star hotel, there was enough variety to find something to start your day with. Breads and spreads, cereals and milk, coffee and tea, water and juices and a hot food selection consisting of sausage wrapped in pastry, chicken tikka in pastry, rice pudding, vegetable abalone (looks like meat tastes like tofu) and I enjoyed what I had.

So, would I stay here again? Maybe, the price and location were great. It was really comfortable, it was clean, I felt safe and I knew my belongings were secure. It was a lot more private than an open dorm room, however I could still hear the comings and goings of people throughout the night, not to mention the fellow who had a bit of flatulence….I might stay here again, but its really something I just wanted to try and not break the bank.

FreakyFlier paid for his own stay at The Pod @ Beach Road.



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  1. So interesting! I suspected that it would be super clean (no shade, I quite like that about Singapore) but it does look roomy. Do you get claustrophobic though? I do badly and I would worry that I would feak out.

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