FreakyFliers Travel Hacks – Visiting and Touching Famous Shrines – From Reader Brett.

Each week I’d like to bring you a handy travel tip, Some you may have heard before, some may be old hat and some you may never of thought of. Some of these things I’ve read, some just came to mind, some are from you, my readers. This weeks hack comes from on of my avid followers Gardnerfromthelake

Brett, a Dutch Vlogger, from the beautiful Royal city of The Hague, is a seasoned traveller who often visits holy sites on pilgrimage. He sent me this handy tip when it comes visiting and touching historical shrines.

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“Once when I kissed the Virgin of the Pillar in the Basilica of Zaragosa, I became terribly ill as so many had kissed it before me” he wrote. Brett now carries the hand sanitiser everywhere on his pilgrimages, he told me.

Do you have a handy travel hack to make travelling easier and/or reduce your travel costs. Email: and hopefully I can include it!



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  1. Oh wow that’s one of those things you always suspect might happen but didn’t know if it did. Great tip!

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