Finnair Lounge – Helsinki Vantaa Airport

It’s been a wonderful flight from Singapore on Finnair’s Airbus a350 and now I have a 5 hour stopover at Helsinki’s Vantaa Airport. Hmmm, what shall I do with my time? The lounge of course!

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Finnair Lounge - Schengen Area at Helsinki Vantaa Airport
Finnair Lounge – Schengen Area at Helsinki Vantaa Airport

There are three Finnair lounges at Helsinki Vantaa Airport, two in the in the non Schengen area (one purely reserved for premium passengers) and one in the Schengen Area. As I have arrived from Singapore, I pass through immigration into Europe and I head to the Schengen area Lounge located near gate 22. I’ve flown Economy Class so lounge access is not included but I can pay to get in. I’m quite annoyed though, I’ve tried several times to purchase the lounge pass online for €39, it’s available when you have a booking with the airline, but the page keeps going blank. I ask at the reception and they are unable to help me and I am charged the full rate of €48 for access for 3 hours during non peak periods.

Finnair Lounge Helsinki Vantaa Airport
Finnair Lounge Helsinki Vantaa Airport

The Schengen area lounge is open from 05:30 to 12 midnight daily. It’s spacious and there are only a few people here at this time of day around 08:00 when I arrive. With seating for 288 guests, it’s the off peak time on a Monday morning and so I almost feel like I have the place to myself.

Inside the Finnair Lounge Schengen Area – Helsink Vantaa Airport

I love the clean, cool, Nordic feeling, the light coloured timbers interact well with the large windows that overlook the apron. As an AvGeek, I watch the comings and goings of the aircraft intently.

Cold cuts at the Finnair Lounge Helsinki Vantaa Airport

It’s time for some food so I head to the salad bar to start with something fresh. There are several food options both hot and cold.

Hot food selection

Swedish meatballs? Baked beans? There is a choice of hot breakfast foods from around the globe. For me though, it feels late in the afternoon, so after some salad and a few meatballs I think it might be ok to have a wee drink.

Trapiche Argentinian wines

There is a variety of red and white Argentinian wines, quite a nice drop. There is also bar fridges stocked with beer, juices. There is a post mix soft drink machine and tea and coffee machines.

Wine time

I grab a couple of delicious biscuits and wash it down with a Trapiche Argentinian Chardonnay.

View from the lounge

I feel relaxed, calm and contented by the time I’m ready for my next sector from Helsinki to Copenhagen.

FreakyFlier paid for the lounge entrance independently 


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  1. It’s so nice when the lounges are quite empty. They can be a bit overwhelming when they’re really busy and you can’t really find a seat!

  2. Hyfee says:

    Mmmm…. Swedish meatballs.

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