Cathay Pacific – New York (JFK) to Vancouver, Economy Class – Boeing 777

After a fun filled long weekend  – partying – in New York, it’s time to head to Vancouver, Canada on the next leg of my trip.

“What airline you flying?” My friend Sean asked

“Cathay Pacific” I replied.

“Cathy who?”

“It’s ‘Cathay’, Cathay Pacific, the airline from Hong Kong”

“From Hong Kong? I thought you were going to Canada?”

“I am, it stops there on it’s way to Hong Kong”

“Well that’s just weird.” finished Sean.

And yeah it kind of is, but this is one of those 5th freedom flights where an airline, who flies between two countries and makes a stop in a third, has the rights to sell tickets on that sector. But I’ll tell you whats not weird, the service is supposedly superior compared to the North American carriers that fly the route. Ive purchased my flight using QANTAS 28,000 QANTAS Frequent Flyer points and USD$10.40 in fees.

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As I said, it has been a weekend of party fun with New York Pride happening on the Saturday night – and well into Sunday – before my flight this Monday evening. I am exhausted and after a 2.5hr Super Shuttle trip from Manhattan to New York’s JFK Airport – yes the traffic was that bad! And departing at 21:55,  I am so tired, I can’t be bothered with getting my camera out and so, my photo’s are brought to you by my iPhone. Sorry folks.


Cathay Pacific operates a Boeing 777-300 series aircraft on this route, departing New Yorks JFK Airport at 9:55pm arriving into Vancouver at 12:45am. While Cathay Pacific operates four versions of the Boeing 777-300, it is the four class aircraft operating this route.  The aircraft features 6 First Class seats, 53 Business Class seats, 34 seats in Premium Economy and 182 in the Economy cabin.


My Economy Class seat is an aisle seat in the rear of the cabin where the configuration is in a 10 abreast 3-4-3 fit out. The 32″ seat pitch seems comfortable enough. There is a  nifty drink holder that comes out of the bi-fold tray table and a spacious magazine pocket.


There are plenty of options from the inflight entertainment but I’m keeping it on the air map as my eyes are seriously starting to close. There is a USB port, a coat rack and underneath the TV is a handy pocket for phones, portable charges or glasses.


A post departure drinks run is done and alongside a white wine I am offered a towelette and a small snack of peanuts, those smaller crunchy kind often found in Asia.


It’s a lovely touch to have a menu and choice of food, now I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t see a menu let alone a complimentary choice from it from the competitors on this route. While I would usually opt for a chicken dish, I am feeling in a meat and 3 veg mood so I go for the peppercorn braised beef, carrots, peas and parsley red bliss potatoes.


As the tray is presented, my wine is promptly topped up. I love the fact the drinks are served WITH the meal, instead of doing that part of the service later, heck I’ve been on flights where Ive finished my meal dying of thirst! Along with the main dish comes a warm bread roll and butter, mango mousse and a side salad of marinated corn, feta and shrimp.


Looking like a microwave meal, I am underwhelmed by the sad looking main dish. There is an intense peppery flavour but the meat seems overcooked, quite fatty and the peas and carrot floating around it is just a bit icky –


This is the highlight of the dish, marinated corn with 3 plump shrimp and tasty tangy feta, it’s super yum. Anyway, it’s off to sleep for me for the next 4 hours until it’s ‘seat backs upright and tray tables stowed ready for landing’ in Vancouver, Canada at around 1am.

I have enjoyed this flight and it’s – probably – been at the better end of the scale, in Economy Class, compared to others flying this route, the timing has made it a little difficult upon arriving at such an hour and the main meal lacked a little, although that may have been my selection.

FreakyFlier purchased the ticket independently using QANTAS Frequent Flyer Points.

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  1. It does sound a lot better than a lot of the North American carriers! 😀 And I had never heard of that terms 5th Freedom before!

  2. Procrastinator says:

    I flew the CX A350-900 from EWR-HKG. Best flight ever.

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