Taverna Greek Restaurant – Kingscliff, NSW.

I simply cannot get over how lovely this meal was. On every trip I like to go and try a few restaurants that have had good reviews, suggested by locals or by friends from home. The winner and top restaurant for this trip to Northern NSW was by far, Taverna in Kingscliff. I could not fault a thing with the food or the service, everything was perfect. I even left my portable phone charger and they called me later to check if it was mine!


Look at this beauty. The grilled Halloumi was divine. Forget the rubbery stuff bought from a supermarket, this was soft and gooey, think baked camembert but with a sharper flavour. Topped with honey and then with a squeeze of lemon, it was a melody on my palate.

Scallops with Salmon Roe

Perfectly cooked, the ‘pop’ of the salmon row with the soft scallop was a match made in heaven.

The lightly crumbed medley of seafood made us fork fight over every single piece.


The fish of the day was swordfish. Swordfish, I find, can be a little tricky to cook but again, they nailed it.

Greek Salad

The Greek salad had some very fresh produce in it. I’m a bit of a traditionalist, so the only thing I found odd was that the feta was a Danish type and not the crumbly Greek version. Nonetheless, it was yummy!

Shoulder of Lamb

When they brought this out we looked at each other, we had no words. We were expecting a couple of lamb chops, but when this whole lamb shoulder came out we were astounded. Yes, it was one of those pieces where the meat fell straight off the bone, no knife needed.

Turkish Delight

The Turkish delight was actually two pieces, but someone ate his before I could get a pic. Not only was it presented beautifully, but it tasted lovely. Not chewy but another melt in your mouth moment.

Mango, Passionfruit and Lemon-Lime Gelato

This was not part of the degustation menu, but Ciaran loves his desserts! A passionfruit, a mango and a lemon-line gelato was ordered and beautifully presented. It was also gulped up very quickly!

We both came away amazed at the food, the wonderful service and even quite a respectable bill. Oh, and by the way, it was my charger, I said leave it for someone who may need it. If you are up Kinsgcliff way, I highly recommend Taverna and if you need a charger, they should have one for you.

Meal was paid for independently.

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