Middle Pub – Mullumbimby.

We took the ‘Jellybean’, the nickname we’d given the Mustard coloured Fiat 500 we’d hired, to Mullumbimby, about a 30 minute drive northwest of Byron Bay, and had lunch at The Middle Pub.

The Middle Pub – Mullumbimby.

It was a great little car, but we never quite worked out how to open the boot! I googled it but no to avail. It was quite interesting when we had to get our two large suitcases onto the back seat into this small two-door car!

The Fiat 500 we hired and nicknamed ‘The Jellybean’.

After a bit of a wander around the shops in Mullumbimby, we thought we’d check out the Middle Pub and see what was on the menu. When we saw all meals were under $15 we were sold! All the pub grub classics like chicken schnitzel and Coopers (beer) battered fish and chips plus some wonderful home grown dishes like Bangalow pork sausages were on the menu.

Flame Grilled American Cheeseburger.

I’m not really a big meat eater, I usually stick to seafood and vegetarian dishes. I’ll have it occasionally when my body is telling me I need it. This was one of those days I guess cause I couldn’t go past the Flame Grilled American Cheeseburger – Beef pattie, lettuce, tomato, onion, gherkins, American mustard, tomato sauce, mayo, cheese, ser/w fries. It was pretty good, I had to cut the burger in half it was that high. The chips were just typical pub chips and I wasn’t that fussed over them. Even though I picked this from an array of what sounded gorgeous food, I got real food envy with my friend Ciarans choice.

Grilled Haloumi and Roast Vegetable Salad.

The Haloumi Salad is where my food envy kicked in, I sometimes get a bit panicky, study the menu of a place we are heading to make sure I get my selection right but alas, no matter which way I go with my meal choice I usually always have food envy. Ciaran ordered the Roast Mediterranean vegetable & haloumi salad with balsamic dressing ser/w or without chorizo. The salad was beautifully presented, Ciaran said it was lovely. I stole a bit of the haloumi and it tasted great!

I’d highly recommend this pub if you are in the area. It has three different quirky areas for dining and the food is bloody darn good for $15. Oh, and if someone can enlighten us on how to open the boot of a Fiat 500….that’d be great, thanks!

Matty Somewhere paid for his meal independently.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Hyfee says:

    Wow! the cheeseburger and the haloumi salad both look very deliciousness!

  2. hyf one says:

    Ahh shit, I wrote deliciousness… not delicious.

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