My Top 3 Lookouts in The Blue Mountains.

The stunning Blue Mountains, a World Heritage Listed Area since 2000, is a mere 2.5 hours by train from Central Station in Sydney. The Blue Mountains brings you to not only to cooler climes – wonderful in the height of a Sydney summer – but also to some magnificent views. While there are a number of great lookouts, here are my top three, in no particular favourite order.

Note: While there are some great walks in the area, this post is about the sights from these sites. I’m not suggesting you walk between them and it might be best to take transport to and from these sites.

Echo Point – Katoomba.


Probably the most famous and busiest of lookouts is Echo Point. It is also perhaps the most Instagramable scene of the Blue Mountains with a perfect view of the Three Sisters overlooking the Jamison Valley.

Three Sisters, Meehni, Wimlah and Gunedoo.

The Indigenous Legend of The Three Sisters
There is an indigenous dream-time legend where three beautiful sisters fall in love with three brothers from another tribe. Tribal Law forbade them to marry and so the three brothers, who were unhappy with this, decided to try and capture the sisters and then a battle broke out. A witch doctor decided to turn them in to stone so they could avoid any any harm with the intention of reversing the spell after the battle was over. However, the witch doctor was killed in battle and as it was only he who could reverse the spell, the sisters remain in their rock formations. This serves through generations of tribes as a reminder of the tragedy of battle.

Echo Point – Katoomba.

Not only do you view Meehni, Wimlah and Gunedoo from the lookout but it is a beautiful vista of the Jamison Valley, fit for a Queen.

A fog covered Echo Point.

When there is a bit of fog, it disguises itself by becoming slightly etherial, while yet still showing another side of its sheer beauty. Ok, so maybe not that etherial, but the Three Sisters are there, somewhere.

Some of the walks from Echo Point.

When it’s not fogged in, there is an easy walk to the Three Sisters. You can also head down into the valley and take the Giant Stairway walk, 4.7 km to Scenic World.

Meehni – The First of the Three Sisters.

The 400m walk to the first of the Three Sisters, Meehni is rated easy. For those with mobility issues, It’s an easy stroll down although the incline on the return may be felt.

Hot Tip: Visitors Centre onsite with very helpful and friendly staff, brochures and souvenirs is well worth a visit.


I love this lookout. At a small parking and picnic area tucked away at the end of a residential street in Leura, near the Toy Museum, is where you’ll find Gordon Falls.

Gordon Falls – Leura.

After a short walk through the park and a few paces down man made steps, you will come to the most magnificent scene. The waterfall itself maybe a bit of a let down for some, but trust me, you wont be looking at it for long.

Lincolns Point, Kings Tablelands and Mount Gibralter

The views are magnificent! If you are scared of heights, stand back a bit as you’ll feel quite high above the valley, look outwards, and you’ll feel like you’re floating above it. Facing forward over the lookout you will see Lincolns Point to your far left. Next to Lincolns Point in the far distance is Kings Tablelands while Straight ahead is Mount Gibraltar and Mount Solitary.

Mt Gibraltar, Mt Solitary, Gangarang Ranges.

Mount Gibraltar and Mount Solitary in the middle while the Gangarang Ranges are to the far right of the picture.

The View from Gordon Falls Lookout.

Hot Tip: The township of Leura is a gorgeous stop for a coffee, morning or afternoon tea or a spot of shopping.


Narrow Neck Lookout, on the western edge of Katoomba looks over the Megalong Valley.

Narrow Neck Lookout.

As its overlooking the Western side of the Blue Mountains, think rolling hills and distant farmland, it really is quite a different vista from the other two lookouts.

Narrow Neck Lookout.

Although you can still see the edge of Mt Gibraltar to the left. This is also quite close to (or where you could view) the UTA100 – Ulta-Trail Australia 100 KM race. Yes, thats a 100 kilometre run down into the valley and back – and within under 25 hrs!

Hot Tip: Plenty of parking here if you are coming on a busy day.


Okay, so this ones not a lookout but it’s a surprise and found it such a tranquil place within the Blue Mountains, I thought I’d share it with you.

Wentworth Falls Lakes

The small man made lake was originally built in 1878 as a water station to supply water to steam trains. These days it is a recreation area with several picnic areas on the southern side.

Ducks on Wentworth Falls Lakes.

While there are plenty of ducks enjoying the water, Wentworth Falls Lakes is also a great fishing spot with the lake being regularly filled with trout. Canoeing is another fond past time here with several canoeists enjoying the calm waters the day we were here.

Wentworth Falls Lakes.

It really is a gorgeous surprise in the lower Blue Mountains and if you get the chance, stop in for a look.

Hot Tip: One of the only picnic areas that have electric BBQ’s and undercover picnic tables.

So, is there anywhere you have been in the Blue Mountains you would suggest? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

HOT HOT TIP: If you’re not driving, catch the train to Leura and jump on one the the Blue Mountains Explorer Buses. Their driver knowledge is second to none!

All travel was paid for independently.

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