The Maharaja Mac at McDonalds India.

I had been living in Nepal for some months and there is no McDonalds there. Boohoo. Poor me. I had this craving for a Big Mac, or a Cheeseburger, or a sausage McMuffin (red meat anyone?) and the fries, oh I was missing Macca’s fries. When I flew to India for a few days I knew there was a McDonalds at Delhi Airport, so after checking in for my flight back to Kathmandu, headed straight there. I just had to satisfy my cravings…

I am aware that cows are sacred in India, so I did prepare myself that I wouldn’t be getting a Big Mac with beef. I had known for years in India the Big Mac is called the Maharaja Mac. To my friends I claimed I knew this from the movie Pulp Fiction yet they started giving me strange looks. Finally Jen said “I think you are confused, the scene you are referring to, John Travolta is talking about McDonalds in France, the Quarter Pounder is called a ‘Royale with Cheese’…”. Ooopps!

Located in the mezzanine level of the food court at Delhi International Airport are many choices of Western fast foods, kind of like a ‘cholesterol corner’.

‘There we have it’, I thought to myself! ‘Finally a Maharaja Mac!’ The next big decision was did I want Veg or Chicken? I chose the latter.

Looking good! Looking good. The fries were perfect, reminiscent of home. That’s the thing with McDonalds, you can have something familiar (or as lots of travellers will attest – usually at least free WiFi!).

When I opened the box, the burger collar made it look impressive….’choice’.

With the collar removed, the burger looked quite fine. Crispy Lettuce, fresh onion and that McDonalds American style burger cheese….mmmmm…..well so I thought….

…It fell apart! The bun and chicken were dry. The special sauce, not the same. I was sorely disappointed. I do hope this was just a bad day I had visited, I can’t really say all Maharaja Macs will be like this.

Thankfully, those fries were good, one can always, well hopefully, rely on Macca’s fries 🙂

What strange international McDonalds experience have you ever had?

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  1. Eha says:

    Oh I do apologize for laughing, truly I do ! Although I have lived in Australia all my life and been able to travel world-wide, I have not been near a Macca’s for at least three decades and I eat ‘fries’ when I absolutely have to for courtesy’s sake 🙂 ! The ‘naughty’ food court in Delhi however looks very stylish, your ‘burger’ was beautifully wrapped and did look better than your description of it !!! Must admit a vegetable Maharajah does not seem to fill all the boxes . . . 🙂 ! Well, cowa back here hardly come in the ‘holy’ category . . .

  2. Eha says:

    Have just reposted your ‘sad’ tale to a lot of friends, both those who eat at McDonalds or race into Macca’s . . . . did not have your email to let you know . . . E

    1. Thank you! I am glad you liked the post. I have updated my About with email details.

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