Salon iCare Airport Lounge – Charles De Gaulle Airport, Paris


For someone that adores travel and loves flying, I’ve started to dislike airports, obviously not the plane spotting part, and I respect the security aspect but its the crowds, the kids, the people who suddenly have this dumbness about them, mostly though, it’s the inflated prices for food and drink.

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I’d downloaded an app to find and purchase airport lounge access not so long ago and when I was recently in Paris, I decided to give it a go. There were a couple of choices of lounges at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport, however only one was located airside in the non-Schengen area prior to security.

My flight is departing from Terminal 1, so after arriving by train at Terminal 2, I take the CDGVAL inter-terminal shuttle to the 60’s era terminal.

Did I say 60’s era?  Maybe its more like the Jetsons. After I checkin for my flight, I head up the tube like travelators to the departures level where the iCare lounge is located.

Salon iCare Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport Terminal 1

It’s quiet when I arrive in this functional yet basic lounge. There are comfortable chairs with power sockets and USB ports, however I find not having a table a little hard to do any work. Some of the ports don’t work so as you see here, I have my phone charging on a chair opposite me.

Outdoor dining area

There is an outdoor area where I head out to bathe in the summer sun – OK I have a cigarette which goes perfectly with….

Drinks at Salon iCare

… the scotch I have just poured myself. There are other drinks, sprits, beer and wine available as well.

When I arrive there was not much choice of food items except cheese and crackers, bags of chips and pretzel and nut mixes but not long after a few warm items come out ready for the lunch time rush.

French cheeses and a French wine at Salon iCare 

I grabb some Edam cheese and some Camembert and gees it was nice, OK I am in France so I guess I could expect good cheese, I pair it with a nice French Sauvignon Blanc.

Toasted sandwiches at Salon iCare Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport

When the lunch items arrive I grab a few toasted sandwich squares, cheese and tomato and chicken and mayo. both yummy.

There are no boarding calls made from the lounge so I head out at boarding time and make my way through security to the hoards of people waiting to board my aircraft, wishing I was still in the lounge. It’s cost me around AU$42, less than what I would have paid for a couple of drinks and food in the terminal.

FreakyFlier paid for lounge entry independently.

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  1. You’re so right, the cost of food at airports is insane (except Changi, we got the most delicious curry puffs for $2 each and a drink for $3!). Strange how there are no tables-you’d think most people want to do work when they’re in a lounge! What’s the app that gives you lounge details? Would you recommend it?

  2. Loungebuddy and yes highly recommend it! Won’t travel without it!

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