Lunch On Board The Sun Princess.

Why do people take cruises? Sure you can unpack once with a variety of destinations included, theres the entertainment, theres the do everything or simply nothing factor, but I reckon most of all its the food. THE FOOOOOD!

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Recently I was invited with a couple of friends, J.J and N.N. to experience the lovely Sun Princess cruise ship which sails from Australia. We were only on board for a couple of hours and saw most of the ship, from the largest suites to the comfortable inside cabins, the bars and entertainment areas. The thing that was the highlight for us was the food. Stunning.

Im not going to show you all the cabins and areas on board, the ship is identical to the Sea Princess I sailed on a few years ago, you can read about that HERE, so lets get right to lunch.

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Regency dining room on board Sun Princess

We dined in the Regency restaurant and from the way the tables were set and we could tell we were in for a fabulous experience. There was a little confusion with which cutlery to use from J.J., “Outside-in” I informed her.

Selection of bread rolls

A selection of rolls were were on the table ready for the taking. We’re not talking the old supermarket rolls, these were baked on board, fluffy and fresh, but don’t fill up on these, as delicious as they look…

Fettuccine Alfredo in cheese bowl

For entree J.J. ordered the Fettuccine Alfredo and see that bowl? Its made of cheese! Yes an edible cheesy bowl! J.J. seemed to like the dish, but seemed annoyed at my sneaky hands reaching in to break off some of that crispy cheesy bowl from her plate.

Cold Smoked Salmon and Soused Crayfish Tails – bloody mary marinated crayfish served with dilled cucumber salad

N.N and I both ordered this entree. It was perfection. The salmon was fresh and not overly smoked and the peeled crayfish tails on top added that saltyness of the sea. The novel unpeeled cray was fiddly but fun with the freshest cray meat being the ultimate prize.

Chateaubriand of Beef Tenderloin  – truffle-madeira essence, market vegetables and berny potato’s

Both J.J and N.N. chose this as their main and J.J. wanted to stab my hand with her fork each time I went in for a bit. The beef melted in your mouth and those ‘berny’ potato’s…. Wow – crispy on the outside and fluffy in the inside.

Trout Amandine – served with toasted almonds and brown butter, creamed leeks and parsley potato’s.

I stuck to the seafood theme for main and was gleefully happy with my choice. The trout was crispy yet still moist inside and the toasted almonds and brown butter added a nutty element to what I find a mild tasting fish. The creamed leeks added some tartness which finished it all off nicely.

Princess Love Boat Dream – Rich Chocolate Mousse

This was rich, but the raspberry cut through the richness nicely – a perfect ending to a lovely luncheon.

We were full but as we headed past the buffet, we couldn’t help but spy that the food there looked even amazing and as much as we couldn’t fit a thing in we were dreaming of stowing away to try everything in this restaurant.


While she’s an older girl the Sun Princess but at 22 years old she’s actually still young and has a lot of life left in her. Australian’s seem to love her, especially the food!

FreakyFlier was invited as a guest of Princess Cruises but all opinions remain his own.

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  1. My favourite part of cruising is the free room service! I love eating in my robe 😀

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