Westjet – Victoria to Calgary

“I love the shirt you’re wearing!” The gate agent said to me as I boarded the aircraft. It was setting the tone for one of my new favourite airlines – WestJet.

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Canada’s second largest airline is based out of Calgary and excluding the regional arm of the airline, Encore, they have around 121 jets made up mostly of the Boeing 737 and a few ex-Qantas 767’s – They also seem to have the most friendly and happiest crew I’ve ever encountered.

WestJet Boeing 737-700 at Victoria Airport

My flight, WS220 was operated by one of the airlines 55 Boeing 737-700’s. Departing from Victoria’s International Airport at 09:24, I’d made an early dash from the downtown in order to make 1 hour 24 minute flight.

There seems to be a sense of roominess on this aircraft even though it’s the usual 737 layout of 3-3 in Economy Class and the seat pitch is a standard 31″. There is a pocket for the airlines magazine, inflight menu and safety card as well as a pocket for my personal items which fit my camera and phone. Above the personal seat pocket is a power and USB port which would be a necessity on a flight where you provide your own devices for entertainment.

Taking off from Victoria

We depart from Victoria, the capital of British Columbia and largest city on Vancouver Island, on time and head west towards Calgary.

I’ve downloaded the WestJet app prior to boarding which features not only entertainment but several cool interactive maps where the AvGeek in me is having fun checking out.

Of course there are enough other entertainment options to pass the time but on a flight of this length there is hardly time to get into a movie. I start watching Big Bang Theory, but pretty soon my attention is turning to something else.

Who wants to watch a show when you’re flying over the spectacular Rocky Mountains. I am literally glued to the window as we pass over what seems to be endless stunning snow capped peaks.

My Californian wine, note the fancy presentation.

As the flight attendants make their way through the cabin selling drinks and snacks, I make conversation with one of them. Again, she is a lovely, down-to-earth crew member who instantly picks my Aussie accent and we chat about her time spent living in Sydney. She is another genuinely friendly crew member, in fact so friendly I am offered a drink, gratis. I ask for a white wine – yes I know its early, but I’m on holidays right? The Californian wine was even presented with a serviette neatly wrapped around the piccolo’s neck – its very fancy pants and I feel like the bees knees.


We arrive in Calgary on time and I’m off the plane and out of the terminal within a few minutes. I’m highly impressed with this airline and totally looking forward to my next flight with them.

BONUS – Take off from Victoria’s Airport


FreakyFlier paid for the ticket independently.

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  1. Oh how nice to be offered a complimentary drink! Love that sort of service 😀

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