Air France – London Heathrow to Paris Charles De Gaulle – Economy Class.

It’s a 9 hour transit at London’s Heathrow airport. I try to change my ticket to an earlier flight but it’s going to cost me more than the ticket itself. I’ve just flown from Sydney via Dubai on my way to Paris.

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At one point I head down to the tube with the thought of going to the city and visiting Buck House, but it was still peak time and the station attendant suggested I come back in an hour an a half and I will save quite a few quid on a day ticket. I never make it back, I’m just too tired!

Air France Airbus a319, F-GRHZ at Heathrow Airport.

When it’s time to board I am almost delirious from a mixture of extreme tiredness, excitement and a little bit of white wine. I’ve been travelling for around 34 hours now and I’m excited to not only reach my final destination but this is also my first time on Air France.

On Board Air France Airbus a319, F-GRHZ.

The aircraft, a 16 year old Airbus a319, registered F-GRHZ, was delivered to Air France in November 2001 yet seems to have a refreshed cabin. The all economy class cabin seats 142 passengers in a standard narrowbody 3-3 configuration with a reasonable 32″ seat pitch.

My seat, the middle one, 10E.

I am seated in row 10, seat E which is the middle seat in the exit row and there is more than ample leg room. One of the crew members instruct us in the exit row on further safety information, she is polite but not overly, in fact I find that from most of the crew.

Carrot, Cream Cheese and Herb Wrap.

I’m impressed we all receive a light meal on this short sector, a carrot, cream cheese and herb wrap. While it looks lovely and seems very fresh, if there is one thing I can’t stand it’s raw carrot. Raw carrot feels like it gets stuck in the back of my throat and I’m not about to start hacking it up on a flight, so while I try a little I don’t eat much at all.

Drinks and On Board Magazine.

There is also a quick drinks service, soft drinks, juice and water and I choose a coke which is served with a plastic cup. There is no inflight entertainment on this aircraft and it’s such a short sector anyway, so I flick through the inflight magazine where some but not all, articles are in English as well as the airlines mother tongue.

Arrived at Paris’ Charles De Gaulle Airport.

The flight is rather uneventful as one would expect for a 55 minute flight and we arrive at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport on time. I am a bit of a zombie but manage to get myself through customs and immigration and meet my mate landside. From here its a ride into the city which takes around 40 minutes, where I crash into my hotel bed for around the next 13 hours!

Have you flown Air France? What did you think of them? Is raw carrot something you like or dislike?

FreakyFlier paid for his ticket independently. 

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. I’ve never flown Air France but I’d be with you on that wrap. Raw carrot is one of my least favourite things to eat-it’s so dry. The whole snack looks like it was made on the tightest budget possible hehe.

  2. Hyf says:

    I put raw carrot in my salads, and also in with rice and quinoa and other goodness for work lunches. Good for ya!

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