Miracle First Class Lounge – Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

I’m back doing my favourite thing at an airport – other than plane spotting of course – I’m in an airport lounge. I’m not flying First Class – sigh –  so I’ve payed my way into the Miracle First Class Lounge. Nothing dodgy and no money changed hands under the table. It’s all legit, you don’t need to be flying a premium cabin to enjoy the spoils of airport lounges these days! Read about my other airport lounge visits here.

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I’ve got a 3 hour transit at Bangkok’s main airport Suvarnabhumi, why bother with paying to get into a lounge you say? Well it’s only AU$40 and I can eat and drink all I like in privacy and luxury away from the hoards of tired travellers. I have a choice of lounges but the Miracle First Class Lounge takes my pick, it’s the same price at the Miracle Business Class Lounge located next door yet promises a better experience.

The 8 month old First Class lounge is open from 6am till midnight and is quite spacious. There is plenty of seating although it is pretty quiet when I arrive. It’s decked out nicely with private nooks for lounging or working and a dining area. If this doesn’t float your boat and/or your are a smoker, there is the Bamboo Garden, an outdoor area built into the lounge which is accessible from the Miracle Business Class Lounge next door and a staff member will escort you through it to and back to the First Class area. There are also flight information screens of the departures and arrivals, a must for those who, like me, have left a lounge at boarding time only to find your flight delayed.

There is such a wide variety of food, think all manner of fruit and pastries and breads as well as hot selections. It’s morning, so I head to the bain-marie and plate up some crispy bacon, chicken sausage and scrambled eggs. I’ve read reviews and apparently the afternoon is the best time to be here when Thai dishes such as Pad Thai and Duck Rice are cooked by chefs right in front of guests.

Chilled juices and water are available and I have a few refreshing O.J’s before the flight information screens indicate my flight is boarding. There is also a fully stocked bar with a variety of spirits and mixer and fridge packed with soft drinks, beer and wine.

It’s been $40 well spent and a revitalising way for my transit in Bangkok, breaking up my long Journey between Europe and Australia.

Whats your thought on Airport lounges? And would you pay the AU$40 to enter this lounge?

FreakyFlier paid for his lounge entry independently. 

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  1. I think $40 is a good amount of time because if you break it down per hour it’s not bad at all. I love lounges and I find them much more relaxing than being in the main part of the airport.

  2. Hyfee says:

    $40 isn’t bad, you get some good food, privacy away from the other travellers and noise, and can relax with a drink. You easily spend $20+ on food and a drink (or more) in the food court section of an airport.

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