QANTAS Airways, Dubai to London Airbus a380 – Business Class.

I’m seated in 11A when a man walks up to me and says “I think you’re in my seat”. He shows me his boarding pass, it is emblazoned FIRST CLASS and he is seated in 1A. I’m surprised he thinks this is first class and I wonder how he found his way to the upper deck anyway. I’m completely happy to swap with him 😉 But alas, one of the flight attendants notices his confusion and escorts him down the stairs to his waiting first class suite.

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I’m on my second leg of the journey between Sydney and Paris. This sector is between Dubai and London and I have been upgraded to Business Class! Yippee! You can read the first leg of my journey, from Sydney to Dubai in Economy Class here.

SkyBed Seats 11A and 11B on board VH-OGA

I’m on the same aircraft I have flown from Sydney on. VH-OGA, Nancy-Bird Walton, a 10 year old Airbus A380. The business class cabin is located on the upper deck and feature 64 SkyBed Mark II seats. They’re a little worn and perhaps a few years behind the airlines competitors but still comfortable nonetheless.

SkyBed Controls

The electronic controls are a little slow but I manage to settle into a nice position and the seat does recline to fully flat position.

Evian water awaits on board.

Being the front row bulkhead seat, the AVOD entertainment screens are only to be used after take off and must be stowed before landing. A bottle of Evian water is already placed on the cocktail table between the seats which are in staggered a 2-2-2 configuration.

Duval Leroy Pre-Departure Drink.

As soon as I settle into my seat, I am offered a glass of Duval Leroy Brut Reserve Champagne. I’m no Champagne aficionado, but it’s a nice drop and a relaxing way to start this next leg of my trip.

QANTAS Business Class Pyjamas.

The crew come by and ask whether I would like the QANTAS Pyjamas. I accept although there is only one size fits all.

Qantas Business Class Amenity Kit – Fred Fowler Design.

The crew hand out amenities kits which feature the Fred Fowler design ‘7000 Ironbarks’, one of 16 designs Qantas will be showcasing over the next 2 years. The amenity pack includes Aspar products featuring Sweet Orange and Shea Hand Cream, Ultra Hydrating Face Moisturiser and Sweet Orange Lip Balm, an eyemask featuring the same pattern, earplugs and toothbrush and paste.

In the seat pocket is a menu and breakfast card. From the main menu there is a choice of:

✈ Selections of cheeses served with accompaniments
✈ Carrot and saffron soup with dill yoghurt and pepitas
✈ Mezze plate of baba ghanoush, spiced chicken filo roll, cheese fatayer and braised green beans
✈ Grilled zucchini salad with quinoa, pine nuts, mint and Persian fetta
✈ Chicken ciabatta with roast tomato and rocket mayonnaise

As I place my order, the lovely crew member asks me about my breakfast order. I ask him to give me a few moments while I study the choices. There is a choice of express breakfast – Pain au Chocolat, or a continental breakfast featuring several options of breads and spreads but my eyes linger over the hot selection:

✈ Free range scrambled eggs on toasted brioche with smoked salmon , ricotta and dill
✈ Shakshuka eggs with spicy tomato, grilled capsicum and grilled focaccia
✈ Pancakes with ricotta and maple syrup

Selections of cheeses served with accompaniments

I order the cheese platter and am a little disappointed with the serving size. That being said, both cheeses are divine and pairs well with the pear paste.

Chicken ciabatta with roast tomato and rocket mayonnaise

I spy one of the other dishes a woman siting near me is having. It looks great, so after I polish off the cheese platter, I ask for something else and I say ‘the chicken’. But I am given the chicken ciabatta. Its not what I am seeing being devoured near me and after re-reading the menu, it’s the mezze plate she’s having. I might be pushing my luck if I order again so I go with what I’m given. It’s really tasty, the ciabatta fresh and the chicken moist. I love the rocket mayonnaise which adds a pepperish zing to the whole dish.

Our flight path

I decide to get some rest and change into the QANTAS pyjamas then pop my seat into bed mode. The crew don’t help with the overlay but it’s simple enough to do so I manage it myself. I doze off for about an hour or so then find myself wide awake, it’s sometime in the morning back home and I can’t sleep! I check out the flight map and we are about 2/3 of the way somewhere over the middle of Germany so I decide to go wandering…

A few steps away from my seat is the on board lounge. Whilst a great idea and it works for some airlines, the location doesn’t make good use of the space. The settee faces the wall with a flight map showing on a monitor and a magazine rack with several of the same titles. Even though most people are asleep, it’s not really set up for socialising and was a bit of a lonely experience. There are a few bags of Kettle crisps, fruit and soft drinks, but any alcohol is still ordered from the crew.

Free range scrambled eggs on toasted brioche with smoked salmon , ricotta and dill

When it’s time for breakfast, my order is dispatched promptly. I’ve chosen the free range scrambled eggs on toasted brioche with smoked salmon , ricotta and dill. The eggs are nice, slightly rubbery but what can you expect in the air. The salmon is nicer as is the touch of lemon cheek and sprig of dill, although no sign of the ricotta. I pair the dish with an English Breakfast tea, after all we are about to land in London.

Arrival at London’s Heathrow Airport

We arrive in London on time and I am one of the first to disembark the aircraft. The flight from Dubai was comfortable although the the cabin is a little behind in terms of the seats and lounge but this is earmarked for updating soon. I found the food a little lack lustre but the service friendly.  I do wonder what Mr 1A thought of his trip in First Class…

FreakyFlier paid for his ticket independently. 

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Hyfee says:

    The food looks good. Nice.
    Almost got that seat swap to 1A..

  2. I was so excited for a moment because I thought Mr 1A might have swapped with you. But yay for the business class upgrade! The bars on Emirates are fantastic and great for socialising but they can be noisy if you’re seated right near them. On my first flight I swear there was a party going on and I couldn’t sleep lol.

    1. I’ve wondered if it would be a party atmosphere on Emirates, I’ve done it between Auckland and Sydney, but too short a flight or any real shindig!

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