Air Asia X Sydney to Phuket via Kuala Lumpur. Part 1, Sydney to KL.

Who can pass up a cheap fare? I had a few days off so decided to head to Phuket, Thailand for a bit of R’n’R. Air Asia had the best fare from Sydney to Phuket at a total of $229 one way. That’s without baggage but I’m only off for a few days so I’m only taking carry on.

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A week or so before the flight I go online to add some meals – I always think its better to pre-book meals rather than hoping for the best on board – and I find my flight has changed by a whole day!


The flight was due to depart on a Thursday evening flying overnight and I’ve now been rebooked to the following evening which is eating into my short stay in Phuket. I’m not very impressed as there’s been no contact by the airline by phone or email.  When I call the airline they offer to change me to the day flight on the Friday so at least I am arriving the same day although some 14 hours later.


Air Asia x operate 22 Airbus A330-300’s of which 17 they own. This particular aircraft, registered 9M-XXY has been owned by the airline since February 2015.

The aircrafts interior is clean and functional typical low cost carrier having short turn around times. The usual 3-4-3 configuration with a comfortable 32″ pitch and a narrow 16.5″ width. I’m seated next to a woman who is also travelling through to Phuket for pretty much the same reason, just a few days rest and relaxation with some friends she is meeting there.


Whilst inflight entertainment was nil there were the usual suspects of seat pocket literature found on a low cost carrier. As well as the aircraft safety card there is a duty free magazine and another listing deals to be had for inflight drinks and snacks.


The Nasi Lemak, Malaysia’s national dish I have pre-ordered for lunch comes with a small packet of ikan bilis (fried anchovies) and peanuts, a standard accompaniment for Nasi Lemak. I have a choice of water or soft drink with the meal and I choose a brand of cola I have not heard of before.


I sprinkle the ikan bilis on top of the coconut and pandan rice served aside chicken rendang, sambal, chopped fried egg. Of course being Malaysia’s national dish on an airline from Malaysia, its a pretty good version albeit still airline food.


At 6 Malaysian Ringgit about $2 Aussie, the peanuts are good value. The Jacobs Creek wine which sells for MYR25 or about AUD8.5 is reasonable and in line with most airlines.


After 9 hours we finally start preparing to land…. somewhere over the rainbow….


We land into a steamy hot Kuala Lumpur at KLIA2, the Air Asia and low cost terminal on time and I have about 1hr 45mins until my connecting flight through to Phuket. Although it’s a bit of a maze to get from my arrival flight to my connecting, it’s all done airside.

FreakyFlier paid for his flights independently.

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  1. Lily Pond says:

    Point of interest: Phuket is often mispronounced. The ph is the same sound as the ph in the word pharmacy.

  2. I’ve never flown Air Asia before but that is an amazingly cheap fare!!

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