Air Asia Sydney to Phuket. Part 2, Kuala Lumper to Phuket.

I’ve been at KLIA2 (Kuala Lumper International Airport Terminal 2)  for about an hour and a half and now it’s time to board my connecting flight to Phuket, Thailand. While KLIA2 is a modern airport and much better than the shacks Air Asia used to depart from, I find it a bit of a maze to get from my arrival flight from Sydney to my Phuket departure gate. It doesn’t help that there is a bit of renovations going on which also makes the gate seem quite busy.

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The weather starts to turn a little nasty and the flight is delayed for around 30 minutes. I suppose thats to be expected in this tropical region. The overcrowding at the departure gate creates a chaotic scene when boarding does begin.


The aircrafts interior is clean although a little worn. With standard 3-3 configuration on this a320, Air Asia squeeze in 180 seats by having a tight 29″ pitch. I’m seated in seat 21A and when I take my seat I am shocked to see the same woman I sat next to on the flight from Sydney, in fact we are both a bit weirded out, especially since we hadn’t seen each other at the gate….Were the check-in staff playing cupid? She’s married and I’m not that way inclined we both laugh.


I’ve pre-ordered a meal for this flight, like I did on the last one, this time Uncle Chin’s Chicken Rice. Ive ordered this about 4 times now and absolutely love it. It comes with a sachet of hot chilli sauce and a small can of cola. The meals on Air Asia are such great value when pre-ordered – for this I paid AUD$3.50 – YES, $3.50! – and I’ve honestly never had a disappointing one yet.


Five pieces of perfectly cooked moist chicken atop chickony flavoured rice which i thinly spread across the chilli sauce on top (after I took the picture). It adds the perfect amount of heat.


Welcome to Phuket, Thailand where I am pretty much gonna flop and drop – and shop. Sure this was a little longer to get to Phuket for such a short 4 day trip, but the fare was fair and the meals great.

Have you flown Air Asia and what do you think? Would you take such a short trip if the fare was so low?

FreakyFlier paid for his flights independently.

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  1. Ooh I wish sometimes I could upgrade on a flight to get a meal as tasty as this sounds! 😀

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