Fun at West Edmonton Mall, Edmonton, Canada – Day Two!

We start the day at a North American classic restaurant – Denny’s! The it’s time for some mini golf and a zip around GalaxyLand at West Edmonton Mall.

Breakfast at Denny’s!

It’s time for breakfast and we head to Denny’s located near the West Edmonton Mall. Denny’s it’s my go-to when I am in North America.

When I lived in the USA some 20 years ago, Denny’s was where I headed to after a night out, and my order was always mozzarella sticks.

Crunchy and gooey with a spicy dipping sauce, mozzarella sticks were for me, the equivalent of an Aussie chowing down a kebab or a Brit picking up a late night curry, after a night on the town. OK, so not really the best thing for breakfast but I’ve had dreams about these!

When in Canada….you must poutine! Usually fries covered in gravy with cheese curds, this version, the Denny’s breakfast poutine, is advertised as red skinned potato’s with squeaky cheese curds and hollandaise sauce and it was delicious! OK, so I’m not eating the most original of breakfast foods… but others are.

There is the breakfast Grand-Slam where you can pick three items out of around 12 for a breakfast made to your liking.

Pancakes with whipped butter, a side of potato hash and bacon are one of the winners for one of the younger ones…

While the packed vegetable omelette with a side of potatoes and thick toast a winner for one of the bigger people.

Professor WEM’s Adventure Golf

Fancy a round of put-put golf?

Professor Adventure Golf CA$16 (adt) CA$11 (chd)

For the littlest ones in our entourage, this is a lot of fun.

There are 18 holes across the course to practise your putting skills, each with a different characterised theme. It’s so much fun! (and the younger ones will come out on top).


Time for some theme park fun at Galaxyland. This precinct of West Edmonton Mall features 27 rides, from the smallest of games to dizzying inducing rides, yes all indoors!

There are daily passes (from CA$49-59 depending on your height) or a points system where each ride represents number of points to ride. For example, the Swing of the Century (pictured) requires 2 points to ride. Point prices are dependant on how many you buy (the more points you buy the lower the price.

There is some real fun stuff here, even arcade games, for example, an oversized game of Operation…anyone?

Roller coasters ranging from intermediate to advanced… but if that doesn’t float your boat…

…if you’re really adventurous, there is the Space Shot.. The worlds tallest indoor tower ride. It reaches speeds of up to 55 kilometres per hour in a few seconds to a height of 37 metres… I sat this one out…

Another fun day at West Edmonton Mall! What will day three have install for us?

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  1. Hyfee says:

    What a fun place!

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