The Poutine and Mac n’ Cheese Stuffed Burgers at N9NA, Calgary, Canada.

My nephew and I were watching the food network when the Canadian show You Gotta Eat Here comes on. They’re in Calgary and talking about a restaurant called N9na. They mention a poutine stuffed burger and a mac n’ cheese stuffed burger, we look at each other and we say ‘we gotta eat here!

Located in the downtown, the family and I head there for a Sunday lunch. The specialty here is the poutine or mac n’ cheese stuffed inside the burger patty.

The restaurant has a few people grabbing lunch before heading to a Calgary Flames hockey game – Go Flames, GO!

Crispy fish burger CA$15

My cousin’s orders the fish burger, they seem to like it. As true Canadians, a side of poutine is ordered. Yum.

Traditional poutine, half size CA$8

Classic, traditional Canadian Poutine. I steal a fry and the gravy is good and I love the squeaky cheese curds. Poutine is probably one of Canada’s national dishes. Originating in the Quebec province in the 1950s, its fries (or chips for us Aussies) with gravy and cheese curds. I wish poutine was more poplar in Australia.

Kids cheese burger with fries CA$15

The littlest family member has the kids cheeseburger and fries, she seems to enjoy it.

Mac ‘n Cheese stuffed burger CA$17

My nephew goes for the Mac n’ Cheese burger. He devours it before I can get a picture of the inside, I guess thats what happens when you’re a growing boy and don’t really want your uncle’s interruption by taking a picture of your food half eaten! While he tells me its delicious, I kind of gathered he liked it with how quickly it was gone.

Poutine stuffed burger CA$17

I’ve ordered the famous poutine burger. Poutine, chips, gravy and cheese curds, are encased inside the meat patty. It’s so high I’m not sure how to eat it… a knife and fork I guess.

Inside the poutine burger

So it’s slightly a disappointment. I think the meat is a little under cooked and Im not really getting any of the chips and gravy flavour, in fact the few chips I do see and taste in the middle of the patty taste like frozen chips, cold hard and watery. (Secretly I wish I’d had a normal cheeseburger…)

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  1. I LOVE poutine and that’s the sort of thing I’d do too if I heard of that place! Oh what a shame that it was underseasoned and you couldn’t get the poutine vibe.

  2. sherry M says:

    what a shame about the poutine burger! I love a good old chip butty tho – white bread, chips and tomato sauce. tho I’d probably go for aioli these days :=)

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